Well-being rules

The non-profit association (NGO) Hållbar Skärgård, i.e Sustainable Archipelago, is a unique association that works to give you the opportunity to camp and stay in harmony with nature and the local community, making traceless journeys in the archipelago of West Sweden. The association works’ to prevent and promote “The Swedish right of public access”, the unique opporturnity to take part of the swedish nature and doing things like wild camping on a remote island. It is a unique opportunity that does not exist in many other places in the world, hence we have to nurture and reverence its’ values, leaving it intact as an oppurtunity to the next generations as well.

We have to nurture and preserve the unique environment and its ecosystems throughout the whole area. During summer and high season weeks, the archipelago is a popular destination for many visitors and we all must be able to co-exist. An increased number of visitors will also impact the sensitive environment for a short and concentrated period. This is why we started the Hållbar Skärgård leader project, which evolved intot the NGO Hållbar Skärgård, where we work to create sustainable imprints in harmony with nature and the local community. We aim to nurture and preserve the unique environment and its ecosystems throughout the whole area.

There are about thirty recommended wild camping spots in the Tanum municipality’s archipelago and approximate fourty in the Strömstad municipality’s archipelago. Hållbar Skärgård has invested in some of these wild camping spots in order to protect the fragile nature and to make it easy and enjoyable to visit the archipelago of West Sweden all year round.

Examples of how we are achieving our goals; building solar powered outdoor toilets in the archipelago, promoting access to the many coastal ports and villages by water and sharing knowledge about the Swedish right of public access and well-being rules, brought together relevant information for you who paddle or travel by boat and work to influence the infrastructure with the aim to open up the coastal villages for paddlers (as it is already relatively easy to get by boat), amongst other things. All to help you as visitor and create a sustainable experience – together!

The islands where the associaton have placed the toilets, are selected with regard of popularity among visitors in the archipelago, protection of plant and animal wild life and in agreement with the landowners, usually the Swedish Government. Today some of the wild camping spots have a solar powered outdoor toilet and we are working on getting more to popular islands.

For the future, there are thoughts such as setting up windshields where you get emergency shield if necessary, charging stations on the toilets to secure contact with relatives et c to avoid unnecessary alarms to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS), fixed prepared fireplaces in order to make safe fires as possible with regard to the fragile nature and link together the coastal villages and tent sites through a sea trail that perhaps stretches all the way from Copenhagen to Oslo.

01 Membership.

Sustainable Archipelago has so far, no employees in the association. All work is based on non-profit forces within the association, which does include the operation and maintenance of the solar powered outdoor toilets. A membership in Hållbar Skärgård therefore gives an economic opportunity to drive the association and its aims forward.

Membership can be signed online on this site and members are able to buy the map of the area from Bovallstrand to the Norweigen border, that gives you the keys to the Paddlers Paradise of West Sweden.

The same applies to non recurring contributions, if you want to pull your straw to the stack, but do not want to join the association.

02 Camping.

The wild camping spots are in the middle of nature and here you are staying on the conditions of nature. A wild camping spot cannot be reserved and you may stay one night at one place.

03 Toilets.

Please bring your own toilet paper and shovel and please, ensure that you leave the island in the same or better condition than you found it.
The organisation does not have any employees maintaining the toilets (only minor maintenance on a voluntary basis).

04 Garbage.

If you have camped or have had a picnic, you are obliged to clean up after yourself. All rubbish you have brought amassed must be brought back. Littering is forbidden. Please keep in mind that many visitors arriving after you will want to experience our beautiful nature.

Find out where you can dispose of and sort your rubbish.
Remember, in the ports you will also find this service and much more that you can use.

05 Restricted areas.

Nature protection areas, such as bird and seal protection areas are mostly marked with signs on the islands, but sometimes the signs may have disappeared.

Stay informed.

06 Lighting of fires.

The public right to access gives you no general right to make a fire.
Keep in mind that all firing takes place at your own risk. It is your duty as a guest in the area to inform you of any fire ban.

For the most part, you will find no wood on the islands. If you want wood to light a fire, be sure to buy on land before heading out in the archipelago.

Read more.

07 Emergency situations.

In case of emergency – such as fire, accidents and drowning – call 112.

To get help quickly, you need to know the name of the island, wich direction you are on the island and other characteristic features.

One tip is to note from which island you went / paddled from and which one you are heading for.

In case of preventing accidents call:
Sjöräddningssällskapet (Swedish Sea Rescue Society) Fjällbacka +46 705 80 81 57
Sjöräddningssällskapet (Swedish Sea Rescue Society) Strömstad +46 705 80 81 47.

In case of non-urgent matters, call 114 14 for the police and 1177 for the healthcare counselling.