Membership & Voluntary grants

The membership of the non-profit association Hållbar Skärgård (Sustainable Archipelago) or a voluntary grant to the association gives you a unique opportunity to support the initiative that works to ensure that we all can stay in the archipelago in a sustainable way. In the municipality of Tanum, there are about 10 fishing villages that Sustainable Archipelago wants to link together from the sea side through a sea route, where one should be able to stay on an island for a bath or an overnight stay without leaving any traces, which is the very essence of the Swedish public right to access; “Not disturb. Not destroy.” We even try to contribute to leaving nature in a better condition, than when we arrived to the islands.

Specifically, Hållbar Skärgård (Sustainable Archipelago) has built three solar panel driven archipelago toilets on well-visited islands in the municipality of Tanum, and more are going on continuously. The solar panel driven archipelago toilets are located at tent sites on popular islands along suitable paddling paths, where you can stay overnight in a tent, mooring your boat or sleeping under the bare sky.

The association works to digitize, compile and develop information from existing maps and materials. A great help in the work has been Jens Marklund’s tent maps of Bohuslän, West Sweden.

Hållbar Skärgårdhas also produced a water-resistant map for the area from Bovallstrand up to the Norwegian border, including the Väderöarna and Koster. The map is sold to members online on this website or through resellers.

The membership of the Hållbar Skärgård (Sustainable Archipelago) contributes to the expansion of solar panel driven outdoor toilets, maintenance, supervision and work on coordinating logistics for paddlers and boat-borne in the fishing villages and making accommodation available along the coastal strip.

Hållbar Skärgård (Sustainable Archipelago) proposals and guidelines for voluntary grants are:
Voluntary grants from 10 sek/person/day
Smaller amounts then 10 sek, cost more in administration than the grant, so if you are multiple persons, please, make one transfer for the whole group together.

150 sek for children / retired / student
250 sek for an adult
350 sek for family
500 sek for companies/associations/organisations

The association is open to voluntary grants / gifts / donation / sponsorship.
As a member you get information from the association.
As a sponsor you get exposure in consultation with the association.
As a company/association/organisation member you can get your name published on this website.

Membership and grants can be paid online with PayPal or via swish (only for those with Swedish bank account).

You can sign your membership and
buy a map online
You can also buy the map from our resellers

Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor, Grebbestad
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NautoppSvinnäs, Grebbestad
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MintoTingvall, Bullaren
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Cykel och Salt, Styrsö, Strömstad
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