Sustainable Archipelago is a non-profit association that cherish sustainable outdoor life in harmony with nature. Within this map, we work with bringing together and developing information from existing maps and materials. A great help in the work has been Jens Marklund and his tent maps of the West Swedish coast, Bohuslän. If you find a position that is not correct or if you have information that you would like to add to the map please contact us. Together we will make the map and the experience better.

Ps. If you find that the map is overflowing with symbols, you can easily hide and show different layers.

Wild camping – suggestion of suitable places to camp in the wild based on the booklet tenting in Bohuslän.

Fresh water, shower & sauna – places where you will find fresh water, shower and perhaps even a sauna

Toilets – public toilets and long drops

Kayak rental – companies that offer kayak rental, courses and guided tours

Kayak parking – places where you can leave your kayak while spending time in the village enjoying restaurants, grocery stores etc

Car parking – places where you can leave your car while out kayaking

Kayak launch and boat ramps – suitable places to launch your kayak or boat with trailer.

Garbage & Recycling – Just like the title indicated garbage and recycling stations

Kayak friendly accommodation – accommodation that offers places to store your kayak locked during your stay and places where kajakers are welcomed.

Warnings – important information for all of us spending time in the archipelago.