Beach Clean Up

The more, the merrier and the more beautiful we can make the archipelago together! Hang on to one of the following initiatives or start up your own.

The World’s Most Beautiful Archipelago
If you want to get involved with a Beach Clean Up in the archipelago, hook up with the initiative “The World’s Most Beautiful Archipelago” (Världens Vackraste Skärgård), by adopting an island. Our hope is that the initiative spreads like rings on the water.

For the Grebbestad area contact Ingela Holgersson
For the Fjällbacka area contact Anders Nilsson + 46 708 80 34 30
For the Hamburgsund area, contact Jessica Svensson + 46 702 80 36 26

Beach Clean Up Map
Please use www.strandstä or the App “Strandstädarkartan” if you are out picking up litter /debrise in the archipelago on your own.

On the map you can mark if there is a need for a beach cleaning (red flag), if you have cleaned a beach and the garbage needs to be shipped away (yellow flag) or if a beach is tidy and clean (green flag). All efforts are equally important!

Nordic Coastal Clean Up Day
Keep Sweden Clean (Håll Sverige Rent) annually arranges the “Coast Saving Day” (Kusträddardagen), a Nordic Coastal Clean Up Day (usually the first weekend in May).
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Beach Clean Up Activities
Another way to get involved is to join one of the beach cleaning activities arranged in your neighbourhood.

Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor
On the Nordic Coastal Clean Up Day (usually the first weekend in May), you can go on a beach clean up “Let’s clean the ocean” with the Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor. During the event you will join a group and paddle to an island with great need of a cleaning and litter up. The event usually returns during the week of the “Västerhavsveckan” in August. You can also book your own beach clean up activity on demand for yourself and your friends or your company.

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